Acrovirt was co-founded by Terry Kennedy and Michael Caldwell with the idea for Human interactive digital doubles developed following discussions about emerging opportunities in entertainment, the virtual reality space and in the technology industry. Michael and Terry have developed a unique company with amazing product opportunities in the emerging Artificial Intelligence and digital marketplaces. Michael had started a number of high tech companies and has developed numerous technologies and patents while attracting a number of fortune 100 joint venture development partners and investors. Terry had been a successful executive producer of numerous family oriented films and TV projects and had recently retired from being president of a small family entertainment studio.
With the law firm of Sheppard Mullin, Acrovirt’s patents were initially filed and this allowed the companies patent prosecution process to start. The company has been consistently advancing the patent estate and business developments to reach its current status.
Through key business relationships a contractual relationship was formed with UCSD neuroscience group. The neuroscience group had a very successful track record of mappingand understanding the human mind. This initial Master Research and Development Agreement is with UCSD’s Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center and has now been expanded into a number of additional UCSD research groups. The continuing emergence of these research groups when completed will include the Wireless Communications Center at the Jacobs School of Engineering, the UCSD Physics department and off campus spin offs such as Qusp. Qusp has developed a new cloud based internet platform in the real time and commercial interactive neuro tech data marketplace. Additionally, the company has signed an engineering and purchase order contract for the commercialization of an exclusive proprietary bio-neuro micro sensor array chip. The extremely versatile sensor array will wirelessly retrieve numerous forms of bio and neuro data from the Acrovirt consumer. This bio-neuro sensor data is then integrated into the neuro, voice and visual digital human double to assist in the formation of the new digital person.
The company has offices in the Qualcomm Institute, a 200-million-dollar facility with numerous labs, including, engineering, virtual labs, and fabrication labs. This provides significant additional resources and contacts that have proved significantly valuable.